Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Weddings Galore...

Till Death Do Us Part....

It's that time of year (and in my life, apparently) when everyone begins to tie the knot and this year I have weddings coming out of my ears!

I love it.

The celebration of love... the dresses... the flowers.... the cake. What's not to love?

I have just been to my 2nd wedding of the year and I still have two more to go. 
I would like to believe that I am starting to get into the habit of dressing for weddings...hopefully. Because in the beginning I was having a nightmare.

What does one wear to a wedding? I want to look smart and sophisticated without looking like I am on my way to work, however I want to make an effort without going over the top.... 

It was hard.

For the first wedding I went to... I got lucky. The bride had provided her wedding party with material to wear (An African wedding). So all I had to do was choose a style. I went for a simple long strappy dress, that hugged my figure, showing just enough but being very modest.  

I believe in dressing exactly for the type of occasion and as this was a Muslim wedding I did not want to show too much flesh.

The second wedding was a little bit more difficult. I had no guidelines and couldn't find anything I liked :(. Luckily after trolling the shops for weeks I found the perfect dress from ASOS (they have a section dedicated to occasions). It suited me down to a T and I was very happy with it.

Soo...my advice for all you wedding goers is.... Don't over think it. Think about the type of wedding you are going to when choosing an outfit (the family, venue, etc). Stick to your own individual style and for god sake don't upstage the bride ;).

Here are my outfits below...What do you think?

(Above: Traditional Aso Ebi)

(Above: Lipstick ~ Rimmel "Diva"
Earrings ~ Forever 21)
(Above: Earrings ~ H&M
Necklace ~ Tiffany & Co
Bracelet ~ Swarovski
Lipgloss ~ Max Factor
Dress ~ ASOS
Shoes ~ Miss Selfridge (close up pic below))

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