Monday, 23 April 2012

Style Watch: Kourtney Kardashian

I have never been one to follow the reality shows of the Kardashian Klan but I always hear about them in passing (well you can't really miss them in the celebrity gossip pages).; However I have always loved their fashion sense. So if I was to choose a favourite sister it would definitely have to be Kourtney. She is the oldest sister and the smallest, pulling of great petite style which I love. Even whilst she is pregnant she still looks great!!

Here are a few of her style choices that I have loved....enjoy!


Lydia said...

I've always loved Koutney's style. I think she is definitely the best dressed of the sisters. Kim is always too polished and looks like she takes herself too seriously.

Lovely blog by the way, will definitely be having a regular gander.


Miss H said...

Thanks Lydia,

I have just started to follow you too. Loving your blog also :)

Miss H xxx