Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Bag Lust... Zara!

With my birthday around the corner (May) one of the things on top of my birthday list (apart from a pair of short white converses :P) is a new handbag. I have mentioned in the past how picky I am when it comes to bags and it is very hard for me to find one that I love. I went through a phase of loving satchels (well I still love them) but now it is time for me to find a new shoulder bag.

At the moment I am in love with Zara's accessories, their shoes and bags are great! So if I do end up choosing a new bag it may be from there. Here are just a few which I loved from their website...Enjoy!

Zara Bowling Bag with Plaited Handle.

Zara Die Cast Mini Shopper.
 Large Rigid Shopper.

Mini City Bag with Zip.

 Plaited Leather Shopper in Navy.

Soft Bowling Bag

 Square Bowling Bag with Pockets.
Studded Bowling Bag.

 Suede Shopper.

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