Monday, 30 April 2012

My Snap Shot Style!

Over the weekend I went as a friend's plus one to a wedding. I love a good wedding so I was hardly going to turn down the opportunity to get dressed up...and dress up I did :).

I went for a Grecian look, with lots of gold jewellery and accessories and even decided to put a few curls in my hair.

What do you think?

Hair Chain ~ Primark
Earring ~ Accessorize
Dress ~ H&M
Bangles/Bracelets ~ Primark
Ring ~ Accessorize
Clutch Bag ~ Primark
Shoes ~ New Look
Scarf ~ Primark


I have also been trying to think of different ways to style my short hair, for example hair accessories and big earrings. Here are a few of my attempts...what do you think? Do you have any suggestions for me? :)

Earrings from Asos

Bow from Primark

Friday, 27 April 2012

Miss H Loves... Perfumes!

Hello all! Happy Friday :)

I thought I would bring you guys something a little different this Friday morning and focus on something else that I love, other than clothes.

I love perfume! I love the way a smell can remind you or someone, something or a memory that is why people usual have their own 'signature' perfume that they wear all year round. If I had to choose mine it would be Lolita Lempicka. I was introduced to this fragrance by a good friend of mine and it is now my signature scent. So if you are every lucky enough to get a whiff of me...this is what I smell of ;).

My second favourite perfume is Victor and Rolf's "Flowerbomb". I love the smell of this, very feminine and is known to last all day long.

Finally I will show you two of the perfumes I am dying to get my hands on. I am totally in love with Prada "Candy" at the moment. But I still haven't got round to buying it yet! It smells in a nutshell like delicious candy floss with a hint of flowers. This may sound a bit odd but once you smell it, you will definitely know what I mean. The second is Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture, Juicy is know it have quite a strong smelling perfume but this one is a little bit lighter.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Blazer Hunt 2012

I love a good blazer and when it comes to S/S clothing, it is must have for any girls wardrobe. I like to have a few in different colours, to suit my mood and my outfit. That is why I am on the hunt for a new blazer this summer.

I would like a brightly coloured one that can be thrown over a cool tshirt or a light vest and the high street does not disappoint. There are so many to choose from and I will definitely have fun shopping for one.

In the meantime here are some of the one that have caught my eye online...enjoy!

Asos Petite Exclusive Slouchy Boyfriend Blazer, Asos Petite Exclusive Jacket with Contrast Trim.

Asos Shrunken Boyfriend Blazer, Miss Selfridge Coral Shawl Collar Blazer. 

 Miss Selfridge Orange Drape Tux Blazer, Miss Selfridge Stone Nipped In Detail Blazer.

 River Island Grey Single Breasted Jacket.

River Island White Stripe Blazer, Topshop Bird Print Pyjama Jacket.

 Topshop Oyster Boyfriend Blazer, Topshop Ponte Boyfriend Blazer in Blue.
 Topshop Ponte Boyfriend Blazer in Orange, River Island Lime Ponte Blazer.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Miss H Loves...Topshop Jewellery (Freedom)

I have been really bad lately when it comes to Jewellery. I am known for losing my earrings and I haven't really been wearing any rings, bracelets or necklaces. I always say I will make more of an effort when it comes to jewellery but I think I need to start a fresh and stock up on some new items.

It is no secret that I am a big fan of Topshop (Freedom) jewellery and they are always good for a bit of costume jewellery, plus they are always up to date on the latest trends. At the moment I am really into their gold jewellery and also their range of ear cuffs which are very big at the moment.

Here are some of my favs at the moment...enjoy!

Chain Spike Ear Cuff, Feather Ear Cuff.

 Goddess Tassel Necklace, Hammer Ear Tunnel.

 Leaf Ear Cuff Earring, Linked Spike Ring.

 Metal Skull Stretch Bracelet, Mix Belief Stretch Bracelet.
 Multi Eye Band Ring, Pyramid Ring.

 Sparkle Stud Wrap Bracelet, Spike Mix Bangle Pack.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Coachella: Snap Shot Style

I am only doing a 'Snap Shot Style' post about Coachella this year because I am almost (literally) green with envy from how much fun it looks. I want to be there seeing all the fashion, celebs and music live, but alas I cannot because I am stuck in rainy England.

There was soo many images to choose from but this one has to my favourite by far. Chanel Iman in barely there clothes, showing us why she is a top model but also just all round cool.

What do you think?

Monday, 23 April 2012

Style Watch: Kourtney Kardashian

I have never been one to follow the reality shows of the Kardashian Klan but I always hear about them in passing (well you can't really miss them in the celebrity gossip pages).; However I have always loved their fashion sense. So if I was to choose a favourite sister it would definitely have to be Kourtney. She is the oldest sister and the smallest, pulling of great petite style which I love. Even whilst she is pregnant she still looks great!!

Here are a few of her style choices that I have loved....enjoy!