Monday, 6 February 2012

Trend Watch: Backpacks/Rucksacks...Still Going Strong!

The backpack and rucksack trend is still going strong and is going to be a big trend this S/S! Coming in, in all kinds of colours and patterns backpacks/rucksacks are the perfect S/S accessory.

I also believe that they are great to wear in this current weather...if you didn't already know the snow came down thick and fast this weekend in England and is still on the ground this morning. I think a backpack is the perfect accessory for this weather because you do not have to worry about balancing your bag and yourself whilst walking along the icy pavement...Excellent!

So I have been searching the high street stores for the best looking backpack/rucksacks and here are my fav...Enjoy!

Accessorize Abbey Ditsy Floral Rucksack (Love this one!), Accessorize Cutie Pie Birdie Rucksack.

 Accessorize Daisy Ditsy Rucksack, Accessorize Ikat Rucksack.

 Accessorize Stripy Rucksack.
 Asos Bright Aztec Backpack with Leather Straps, Asos Over Sized Tex Mex Skull Backpack.

 Asos Punchout Backpack, Asos Spring Floral Backpack.
 River Island Blue Aztec Rucksack (Love this one!)

River Island Brown Rucksack.

 River Island Double Pocket Rucksack.

River Island Ecru Contrast Rucksack.


Adele said...

I've not got into this trend yet!

Anonymous said...

I love the River Island Blue Aztec Rucksack bag, do you think river island sell it anymore?
thank youuu

Miss H said...

Hi Anonymous,

I have just checked the website and it does seem that they have sold out :(. Such a shame... I'll keep an eye out for you to see if it comes back.

Miss H