Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Better Late Than Never Right? Versace for H&M SS12 Cruise Collection

Ok so I maybe a little late when it comes to this post and showing you the Versace for H&M SS12 Cruise Collection. The collection went live last week on the website and there are already talks that the collection is sold out. So my apologies for bringing this to you late but it seems everyone wants to own a piece of Versace.

Personally I am not a big fan of the collection, it is overly bright, in your face and a little too quirky for me...which says a lot. I like colour and I like patterns but I honestly believe that if this collection didn't have the name Versace on it, then a lot of people wouldn't like it either.

However saying all of that there are a few key items that I believe work well and I also really like the men side of the collection. So as a one off I will be debuting men fashion on my post too! Here are the pictures....enjoy!!

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