Monday, 28 November 2011

Miss H Loves: Nail Rock

My new found obsession at the moment is nail art! I love doing my nails and I almost feel incomplete if I don't. Nail art for me, is a way of showing off your individuality and style. I like to experiment with different colours and designs however I am not one for wearing the traditional french manicure. So when I saw the brand Nail Rock, I was very excited.

Nail Rock is a brand that produces designer nail wraps- a new way to design and decorate your nails. Different to nail varnish which is actually painted on to your nails, the best way to describe nail wraps is a thin sticker like material that sticks to your nails. They last up to 7 days and never chip! Nail Rock come in all different colours and designs, so your nails will never feel boring again.

Here are a few of my fav designs:

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