Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Miss H Loves: Zara (Shoes Edition)

Carrying on from my last post is my 'Miss H Loves': Zara but with the 2nd part of this post I will be focusing on their shoes. Just like the handbags I have fallen in love with Zara shoes. Fantastic and can't go wrong. They all look well made and not the same as the shoes you would find on the high street. The designs are great and perfect if you like simple shoes with a slight twist.

Here are some of my favourites! (there was quite a lot) Enjoy :)!

Cap Toe Ankle Boots, Flat Boot with Fringes.

 Flat Furry Court Shoes, Floral Peep Toe.
Frilled Ankle Boot, Glitter Peep Toe.

 Party Peep Toe, Peep Toe Shoe with Gemstones.

 Peep Toe with Flower, Peep Toe with Internal Platform.

 Platform Court Shoe, Platform Peep Toe.

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