Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Heeled Boots

I am on the hunt for some heeled boots for the winter. I love me some A/W boots but I would love to find a comfortable heeled pair for the days where I want to go for a smart casual look.

Now I thought this would be an easy hunt and I would find a pair that I liked very easily... but surprisingly I have not. Some of the ones I have seen are either to high or the heel is to chunky!! I want something in-between which I could wear comfortably all day if I wanted to...hmm where can I find something like that!!

Anyhoo I have had a look on the high street and here are the few that may not match my criteria exactly but have caught my eye:

Aldo Beckerle Boots, Aldo Farmar Boots.

 Aldo Geeslin Boots, Office Enter the Wedge Boots.

Office Ernie Boots, Office Jetsetter Boots.

Topshop Palmero Pull On Knee High Boots.

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