Friday, 21 October 2011

What I am Wearing: Round Up

So I have decided to do a weekly round up of my outfits (or the best outfits) for the week to show you guys what I have been wearing. Autumn/Winter is my favourite time of year when it comes to fashion, because there are endless possibilities and you don't have to think about the weather drastically changing and altering your style choice.

As you all know I am a 'casual chic' kind of girl...comfy and stylish (I hope I am stylish) is my thing and I do not believe in over dressing but still believe in dressing nice where ever you go. So have a look and tell me what you think?

I'll point out some of my favourite pieces...

Top: Miss Selfridge did have 3/4 length sleeves once upon a time but I decided it looked better with short sleeves and had it altered.

Jacket: Zara Feather Down Jacket (bought in last year's sale) I love it but it leaves a trail of feathers everywhere I go.... lol.

Finally.... Jacket: Topshop Lace Mac (bought a couple of years ago) One of my favourite 'in-between' jackets. It is full skirted and makes me feel very girly when I wear it! Also worth a mention, Boots: Zara Black Two Tone Riding Boots (brown tops). My favourite boots ever!!!!

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