Friday, 2 September 2011

Trend Watch: Loafers

The new IT shoe of the season are Loafers, these fabulous structured shoes are the footwear to be seen in this season, even swaying me over from my beloved brogues.

Loafers are timeless shoes that can be worn by both men and women. They remind me of my school days when I used to wear a pair as part of my school uniform. But now they are back and dominating the high street. In all the funky colours, designs and prints you can imagine, there is one for every one and the best place to find a great pair is either River Island or Topshop.

Here are a look at what they have to personal fav are the leopard print ones :)

River Island Dark Blue Loafers, River Island Light Brown Tassel Loafers.
 River Island Black Chain Slipper Loafers, River Island Brown Chain Slipper Loafers.

Topshop Dalmatian Print Loafers, Topshop Kiera Bow Leather Loafers. 

Topshop Manic Snakeskin Trim Suede Loafers, Topshop Motor Giraffe Trim Loafers. 

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