Friday, 19 August 2011


Ah so the sun is back out and I can turn my attention back to my holiday shopping. Next up is Sunglasses!

Sunglasses can be a difficult item to shop for, especially if you do not know what styles suit you. I would normally always recommend going to the shop first and trying on a range of styles. I know what styles suit me and I normally stick to what I know. But shopping for sunglasses is still fun for me. I never buy expensive sunglasses because clumsy is my middle name...I am know to drop, lose, or scratch any sunglasses I own so the highstreet is definately the place for me!

The high street is full of different styles, colours and prints so here are my top picks!

Ray-Ban Large Metal Aviator Sunglasess @ Asos, River Island Pink Floral Pink Sunglasses.

 Topshop Cream Plastic Keyhole Aviator Sunglasses by Squint, Topshop Dusty Pink Scooped Flat Top Sunglasses.
 Topshop Knot Detail Large Sunglasses.

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