Thursday, 4 August 2011

Skirts...My New Thing!

Recently, I have gotten into building my outfits a lot more. What I mean by this is...before I used to just buy dresses and that was my outfit pretty much sorted. But now I like to have fun with finding the whole outfit, a top, bottoms and of course the shoes.

So my first stop will be to invest in some skirts. There are lots to choose from and I am a mini skirt kind of girl (Being 5ft 2" I can get away with it!) but here are some skirts that have caught my eye:

Forever 21 Foliate Chiffon Skirt, Forever 21 Knit Pencil Skirt.

Forever 21 Striped Colour Block Skirt, Miss Selfridge Bright Fairisle Tube Skirt.

Miss Selfridge Camel Mesh Asymmetric Skirt, Miss Selfridge Purple Textured Mini Skirt.

River Island Black Belted Midi Skirt, River Island Brown Leopard Print Skater Skirt.

River Island Dark Pink Skater Skirt.


Claire said...

I have just brought the river island leopard print mini! What top to wear for a night out....just a plain black vest top with some black peep toes?? I don't what else I could do with it??

Miss H said...

Hi Claire,

Thank you for your comment!

The black vest top and black peep toes sounds good. But why not try something a bit different? A different colour vest top with matching shoes? Try maybe a deep purple if you have the shoes to match!

Georgia said...

Hi I have jus bought the river island dark pink skater skirt & colour block heels with purple n turq on them but have no idea what sort of top any ideas :) xx

Miss H said...

Hi Georgia, sounds very nice! Where are the colour block heels from?

What about a top that matches the shoes. A deep purple, v neck in a silk like material. Not too fitted but you can tuck it in to the skirt?