Friday, 15 July 2011

Website Watch: Kuccia

I have discovered a new website which is perfect for summer...this website is called Kuccia. Specialising in prints, brights and surfer chick chic mixed in with high street style. This website has a little bit for everyone who is in to summer brights.

The website, is just starting off and their collection isn't as big as some of the other websites I feature, but that is what makes it so good. You could buy an item from here and know that not every girl along the high street will be wearing it too!

I am definitely going to stock up on one of the favs I found for my enjoy!:

Aztec Maxi Dress, Candy Flower Dress.

 Chain Gang Tube, Maibu Body Con Dress.

 Mayan Zipper Dress, Pomme Pomme Playsuit.

 Tie Me Up Tube Skirt.

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