Thursday, 14 July 2011

Trend Watch: Obi Belts

For some the Obi Belt trend is a relatively new thing but from what I have notice, it has been coming and going for the past few years.

I went through a phase of wearing (waist) belts all the time and with every outfit but after that phase wore off it is very rare to see me in a belt. To be honest I'm not their biggest fan, I mean I wear them with my jeans...but that is as far as it goes.

However for most women the belt is their best friend, it can do wonders for any shape and can pull an outfit together. That is why the Obi belt is so popular, perfect for any shape and size and makes your wait look tiny. Which is never a bad thing :)

Here are a few I found on the high street:

Asos Colour Block Wide Ties Obi Belt, Asos Leather Obi Tie Belt.

 Miss Selfridge Black Buckle Obi Belt, Miss Selfridge Cutout Obi Belt.

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