Friday, 24 June 2011

Nails Inc

I love nail polish and I love painting my nails. The brighter the better! I used to take pride in painting my nails every weekend,  it was like a mini treat to myself but now, I can no longer do so :(. With my job I'm 'not allowed' to wear the funky colours that I am used too. I have become...dare I say it...reserved :S.

However, just because I can't wear it does not mean I can't still admire and lust after the nail polish that is out there and at the moment my favourite is Nails Inc.

Nails Inc is an affordable luxury brand that launched in 1999. They have nail bars located in known departments stores all over London. So if you are looking to treat yourself to a manicure here is the place to go! But if you are like me and are a DIY girl here are a few of the collections that have caught my eye:

I Can Paint A Rainbow, Spring/Summer.

 Summer Mini, The Candy Shop.

 Classics, Fashionista.

 Nautical, Vibrant.

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