Monday, 13 June 2011

Forever 21

I'm glad to say one of my favourite American stores is being brought over to the UK. Forever 21 is one of the few 'affordable' fashion stores in America, selling great clothes with all the latest high street trends but at great prices. So you can still look great with out spending a fortune on designer clothes.

Now there is already a store in Birmingham at the moment. But recently as I was walking along Oxford Street I discovered that a store was being open here and I am very excited.

So I definitely urge you all to have a look once this store is open and if you can't wait till then check out their website. Here are some get pieces: 

Beaded Cross Ring, Ethnic Print Dress.

 Floral Swag Necklace, Geo Halter Dress.

Pearlescent Charm Bracelet, Polka Dot Bow Top.

Sienna Sundress,Vertical Stripes Top.

Vibrant Maxi Dress. 

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