Thursday, 30 June 2011

Carvela @ ASOS

Asos have updated their Carvela stock on their website (Yay!) and I think I am in love. It is no secret that I love love shoes...more importantly Carvela and KG shoes. So when I see the latest in their collect I have to share it with every one.

So enjoy!!

Auction Platform Stiletto Court.

Girder Suede Platform Heeled Sandal.

Espadrille Wedge Sandal. 

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

I Want.... Rare Special

Today I have gone dress crazy and Rare are producing some fine dresses this season. I want them all and I want them every colour they come in. So today my I Want special will be on 'Rare' and all of these dresses (and a jumpsuit) can be purchased via the Topshop website.


Asymmetric Dress, Belted Mullet Dress.

Bugle Bead Dress, Chiffon Bandeau Dress.

Floral Jumpsuit, Grecian Drape Dress.

Jewel Dress, Lace Ballerina Dress by Rare Opulence.

Lace Swing Dress, Ruffle Front Dress.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Brand Watch: Tshirts and Wildfox

So my T-shirt obsession continues but today a certain brand has caught my eye. Wildfox Couture is an American  Vintage inspired woman's wear brand which has a large collection of knitwear and also Tshirts. They can be considered to be a 'higher end' high street stores as their tshirt prices are a bit higher than what you can find in Topshop or River Island. With a large celebrity following, this brand is not to be over looked.

Here are my favourite pieces of the moment:

Drama Queen Jumper, I love Rococo Over Sized Tshirt.

Little Lamb Tee,  Love Potions No.9 Tshirt.

White Dove Tshirt

Monday, 27 June 2011

Monday: What I Am Wearing!

It's been a lovely sunny weekend and today, as I am back to work the sun is still shining. As days like these are rare, you have to make the most of them and I have decided to go as summer-y as possible.

So today I am wearing: nude coloured sandals, a salmon/nude-ish coloured vest top, a thin bright green cardigan (just in case the weather drops later) and finally a denim skirt.

The item I will be focusing on today is my denim skirt. I love a good denim skirt whether they are 'in season' or not. I think they are a staple item that every girl should own. So I have had a look on the high street and here are a few that I found:

Miss Selfridge Mid Distressed Mini Skirt, River Island Blue Demin Pull On Skirt.

 River Island Mid Wash Demin Skirt, Topshop Daisy Print Nova Skirt.

Topshop Moto Distressed Denim Pelmet Skirt, Topshop Swedish Summer Pelmet Skirt.

Friday, 24 June 2011

Nails Inc

I love nail polish and I love painting my nails. The brighter the better! I used to take pride in painting my nails every weekend,  it was like a mini treat to myself but now, I can no longer do so :(. With my job I'm 'not allowed' to wear the funky colours that I am used too. I have become...dare I say it...reserved :S.

However, just because I can't wear it does not mean I can't still admire and lust after the nail polish that is out there and at the moment my favourite is Nails Inc.

Nails Inc is an affordable luxury brand that launched in 1999. They have nail bars located in known departments stores all over London. So if you are looking to treat yourself to a manicure here is the place to go! But if you are like me and are a DIY girl here are a few of the collections that have caught my eye:

I Can Paint A Rainbow, Spring/Summer.

 Summer Mini, The Candy Shop.

 Classics, Fashionista.

 Nautical, Vibrant.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Holiday Hats

Holiday season is just around the corner and if you are like me, you would have begun to mentally pack your suitcase!

So what are your holiday essentials? Maxi Dress, Sunglasses, Shorts, Bikinis and of course a holiday hat.

At the moment I am in love with the big floppy ones but the high street have a great range at the moment. So here are a few of my favourites:

Accessorize Bitsy Back Bow Triby, Asos 70s Straw Floppy Hat.

 Miss Selfridge Flow Garland Trilby. Miss Selfridge Orange Floppy Straw Hat.
 River Island Beige Flower Ribbon and Bow Boat Hat, River Island Orange Chelsea Girl Floppy Bead Hat.

 River Island Purple Floppy Straw Hat, Seeberger Straw Open Weave Trilby.

 Accessorize Flower Floppy Hat

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Asos Sale

Yesterday Asos launched their Summer sale and being the shopaholic that I am, I could not tear my  eyes away! The sale is actually huge and I'm sure everyone can find something that takes their fancy. So seeing as I am planning my beach holiday in September, their Swimwear section has caught my eye!

But because there is so much to choose from I am just going to provide you with a link and a sneak preview...Enjoy!

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Miss H Loves... Brogues

My new footwear of choice surprisingly does not come in the heels variety. Today they are flat, smart and even boardering on man-ish. Yes I am talking about Brogues!

Brogues are very in this season and can been worn with a work outfit or as part of your everyday casual chic. My favourites come in tan but at the moment they come in a variety of colours to brighten them up for S/S.

After having a look is my favourite on the high street:

Aldo Kegerries Flat Brogue Shoes, Asos Magic Mesh and Ribbon Brogues.

Asos Marky Suede Traditional Brogues, River Island Brown Lace Up Brogues.

 Topshop Kavana Red Woven Brogues, Topshop Mack Lace Up Brogues.

Monday, 20 June 2011

I Wish.... I had a Mulberry Bag

Sigh... I really really REALLY wished I owned a Mulberry bag. I have a very big obsession with them and the day I decide to treat myself the day I invest in a Mulberry bag.

They are fantastic and this spring/summer range comes in every colour you could possibly think of. Whether it be there satchel bags, totes, or shoulder bags every single one of them are to die for!

Here are a few pics from their S/S campaign to wet your appetite: