Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The Royal Wedding Dress!

Of course I had to do a post about the Royal Wedding (dress), lets be honest its the only reason as to why I watched it. Apart from the fact that I really want to be a princess myself ;).

But in all seriousness it was a lovely day for good old Britain and Kate Middleton did not disappoint in her Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen dress. It was beautiful, lace covered and corseted. Everything you would want from a wedding dress. Fitting her perfectly and making her look every bit of an elegant princess.

So here is the pics!

And of course I had to feature a solo picture of Pippa Middleton in her dress too! Also wearing Alexander McQueen. There has been a lot of talk of her dress being 'nicer' than the royal wedding dress. This dress is very nice but I have to strongly disagree!

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