Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Skater Skirts and Dresses

No, I haven't gone all rock chick on you but the new trend I have discovered is the skater style. These can come in either the skirt or dress  form and are a nice in between if you do not want to wear a maxi or a mini. It is also a perfect Spring/Summer look that anyone can pull off.

I am not exactly sure as to why they are called skater skirts/ dresses but they can be described as similar to the A line' here are a look at some of my favs on the high streets:

Asos Broderie Skater Skirt, Asos Floral Jersey Skater Skirt.

Asos Lexie Sequin Trim Skater Dress, Asos Petite Exclusive Chiffon Panel Mini Skater Dress.

Miss Selfridge Camel Ponti Skater Skirt, Rare Cream Chiffon Skater Dress.

River Island Pink Skater Skirt

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