Tuesday, 15 March 2011

More Kurt Geiger Fashion...

Oh Kurt Geiger, what are you doing to me?

Yesterday as I was browsing online (not looking to buy unfortunately because I have given up shopping for lent...it's been very hard!!!) I stumbled upon more of Kurt Geiger's Spring/Summer collection and it is looking too good to be true. Talk about spoilt for choice!

Normally I prefer their Autumn/ Winter collections more than their S/S but for this year it's seems as though they have stepped it up a notch. The collection is fresh, bright, funky and in your face. These are not the everyday type of shoes you wear to work. Oh no...these shoes are strictly dress to impress and I am loving them!

Here are some more of my favs:

Akira Shoe Boot, Carrington Nude Peep Toe Shoes.

Echincacea Leopard Print Court Shoe, Enviable Platform.

Eveline Corsage Shoes, Hampstead Shoes.

Hove Sandal, Jekly Wedge.

Maccaliser Sandal, Juliet Raffia Wedge.

 Audrey Shoe

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