Friday, 11 February 2011

Style Watch.... Whitney Port

So I may have mentioned at some point that I am/was a big "The Hills" fan. Yes I should hang my head in shame but I don't I am proud. I loved all the drama, the glimpses at fashion (thanks to Lauren and Whitney) and all the relationship issues they had. It was light hearted entertainment that got me hooked!

So when Whitney Port left to start her own series "The City" I was definitely on board. Not only did it have the ups and down of the "The Hills" but it focused even more so on Fashion. Whitney has started her own fashion line called 'Whitney Eve' and it seems she was born to do it.

She has great style and the looks of a model so can pretty much pull of anything. But what I like most about her is, she doesn't seem to try too hard. She wears what she wants when she wants and even though she may get it wrong sometimes... majority of the time she gets it right!

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