Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Miss H Loves.....River Islands Handbags

Like all typical women I love bags...I personally believe you can never have too many and they can be a key item to any outfit you are wearing.

I tend to never really match my accessories to my main outfit, so a lot of the time I like my bags to be a little different. Maybe a bright colour or a different pattern on the inside etc.... something has to make it stand out to me.

That is why I like River Islands current range of bags... all of them are great! At the moment they are very hot on the Satchel trend but they also have a few others that caught my eye:

Beige Distressed Cross Body Satchel Bag, Brown aux Reptile Skin Barrel bag.

Beige Print Tapestry Satchel Bag, Navy Duffel Studded Leather Bag.

Pink Heart Bag, Pink Wing Clutch Bag.

 Purple Print Clutch Bag

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