Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Every Colour Under the Sun....Topshop Nail Varnish

As always I browse the Topshop website on almost a daily basis (It's a little unhealthy but hey ho ;) ), to see what is new in stock and to check out the new brands that are coming in. As you may have noticed, I find a lot of my new brands via the Topshop website. So it is a good place to browse!

Lately I have begun to see that Topshop have started their own brand of nail varnish. Now I love painting my nails! I don't paint my fingernails as frequently as I would like because the job I work in does not allow 'unbusiness like' colours (boooo)....and I'm all for the bright colours.

That is why I am loving this range, it has a great range of colours along with some very cool names that come with them....enjoy:

Cloak and Dagger, Hide and Seek

Delusion, Green Room.

 Hunting, No Love Lost.

 Play for Keeps, Spotted Pig.

 Ruthless, Under and Over.

 Votage, Remember My Name.

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