Thursday, 24 February 2011

Become A Child Again.... Disney Couture Jewellery

So as I child growing up I was completely obsessed with Disney films. I had more videos than I could count and I knew all the stories and the songs pretty much word for word. This is pretty normal for a child growing up and I don't know many people who can say they didn't like the Disney films.

My favourite character of all time has to be Tinkerbell from Peter Pan, but strangely enough Peter Pan is not my favourite film Aladdin is. If you were to have a look around my house you can see various Tinkerbell items such as mugs, note pads, pens etc.... because I am a big kid at heart :).

That is why I was so excited to see that Disney has released a range of 'couture' jewellery. This range can be found on the ASOS website and if you were a Disney lover like me, it definitely worth taking a look at :

14ct Gold Plated Sitting Tink Pendant

14ct Gold Plated Sleeping Beauty Pendant and Bow Studs.

14ct Gold Plated Little Mermaid Charm Pendant and Ship Wheel Studs.

Tinkerbell Triple Interlocking Bracelet.

Enamel Pinocchio Pendant Necklace


Gold Plated and Cystal Dreams Come True Necklace

Tinkerbell Believe Necklace

Your Dreams Come True Bangle.

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