Tuesday, 18 January 2011

That Time of Year....

Yes that's right January is 'that time of year' where everyone wantss to start the year a fresh, they want to get fit, start dieting and join the gym. Normally this is the last thing on my mind and I have never counted a calorie in my life.....but this year I maybe changing my mind.

I'm still no go on the dieting front as I do not need to lose wait but I'm all for some gym action. Purely for toning up purposes and getting ready for my many holidays I plan to take this summer ;).

Another reason as to why the gym has appealed to me is all the gym wear I have started to see recently and some are not too shabby. So of course I have to look good no matter where I go or what I do, and I have begun my search for some great gym clothes:

Here is what I have found (from what I have see JD Sports seems to be the best place for work out clothes):

Adidas Clima Basic Capri Pants, Adidas Clima Strappy Tank Top.

 Adidas Fleece Pants in Purple, Adidas Fleece Hoody in Purple.

 Nike Fleece Pants in Pink and Grey, Nike Hoody in Pink and Grey.

 Nike Rival High Impact Bra, Nike Filament Tight Pants.

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