Friday, 21 January 2011

Style Watch x 2....Frankie from The Saturdays and Olivia Wilde

Today I will be hitting you with not one but two fashionistas styles that I like. The first being Frankie from the Saturdays and the second is American actress Olivia Wilde (who can be recently seen in the movie Tron).

Frankie is our very own home grown talent from the UK and is part of the pop girl group The Saturdays. All all the girls are known for having a great sense of style but I have to say Frankie is my favourite. Not only is she cute as a button but she dresses great as well, weather she is dressed up for a night on the town, promoting or everyday she always looks good and always looks fabulous.

Next up is Olivia Wilde, she is a well known actress in America but has been brought even further into the lime light because of her recent role in Tron. She is a red carpet regular and has great red carpet style. Always elegantly dressed with some very sexy shoes!

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