Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Slogan Tees....

On the rare occasion that I am not in a dress of some sort, I am very much so a Jeans and a Tshirt kind of girl. But I don't like to wear plain (boring) Tshirts.... they have to have some sort of slogan or design on them!

I am a big fan of slogan tees and even though they may not be a popular as they were a couple of seasons ago. I still hunt them down whenever I can....

Here are a few that are on the High Street at the moment:

Asos OMG Tee, Asos We Love Late Night Tee.

River Island Bonjour Print Tee, Topshop Forever Young Tee.

River Island White Something to Say Tee, Wilfdox Love is Everything Tee

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