Wednesday, 5 January 2011

January Sales = My Hell

As you all may know, one of the best things about the New Year is the January sales. Of course annoyingly enough, pretty much everything you bought before Christmas is now 50% off but we won't dwell on that fact. Other than than January sales can be use to buy lots of half price goodies. This should be a good thing right?


I hate the sales with a passion. That might seem strange because I like to shop so much but sale are just no fun for me! Fighting through the crowds, just to see whats out there, queuing for ages for a fitting room just so that you realise what you brought in with you doesn't fit then you have to go back out there to find the alternative size, things on the floor, being hot and sweaty....this is not my ideal shopping environment and never will be!

If you do want to sale shop I recommend you do it from the comfort of your sofa and sale shop online! I have been browsing the sales and these are the little gems that I found:

Asos Heavy Drape and Fold Body Con Dress, Asos Mesh Bow Multi Row Necklace.

Asos One Shoulder Contrast Pencil Dress, River Island Beige Leather Miltary Style Ankle Boots.

River Island Black Sequin Red Bow Shorts, River Island Black Smart PU Scallop Edge Shorts.

River Island Blue Tulip Coat, Talullah Tu Swarovski Crystal Frog Statement Ring At ASOS.

Topshop Knitted Alphabet Cardigan

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