Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Brand Watch.... Illustrated People

I love this brand and have bought a few of their Tshirts in the past. The range mainly consists of  hand made Tshirts and Sweatshirts but dresses and cardigans can also be found on their website. Every season they carry different design by various illustrators and their styles can be found in various colours.

The brand can mainly be found on the highstreet in Topshop but as I mentioned before they also have a website

This is what Topshop says about the brand:  "Founded in East London in 2003, Illustrated People is a home-grown brand from the coolest young illustrators the city has to offer. Shop their classics for angora and great jersey, or try out their seasonal range for a innovative uses of fabric and embellishment. It's perfect for off-duty days!"

I Heart U Raglan
 Lips Raglan (also comes in black)
Love Raglan (Also comes in black) 
 Spray Heart Raglan
 Swallows Raglan

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