Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Wednesday: What I Am Wearing...

Guess what I  am wearing today? Sticking to my beloved purple obsession I am wearing (yes you guessed right) Purple.

Ok so I went a bit colour crazy today and it feels like I'm wearing every colour under the sun. But it brightens my day to wear a bit of colour.

So this is what I am wearing today:

Shoes: Very old black Miss Selfridge knee high boots, but I am wearing them pirate style (low and slouchy).

On me legs: Black opaque tights...I've lots track of what brand I have wayyy to many tights to know where they are from...

Dress: Purple knitted jumper dress from Topshop, which was a gift from my bestie a couple Xmas's ago.... I still love it.

Accessories: A purple paisley scarf

Coat: My bright blue Miss Selfridge Tulip shaped coat.

.... and finally, a ivory/creamy Max C shoulder bag. Phew it sounds like I'm wearing alot even though it is standard for this time of year.

The item I have chosen to stand out is my Max C bag. I really like big bags and this one I found one Sunny day in  Brick Lane. These bags are worth having a look at, and they also do great clutch bags (They also stock clothes as well):

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