Tuesday, 2 November 2010

My Work Wear Woes....

As I sit at work wearing my black trouser suits I long for the days when I could wear what I wanted to, to work everyday.....

If you cant tell I'm not a big fan of the suit. I mean sure, if I could wear a sexy pencil skirt, fitted suit then maybe, just MAYBE I could get on board with the idea. But alas my suit is plain black with trousers. Don't get me wrong it could be a lot worse, but I don't like the plainness (if that is a real word lol) about it.

In my job every one has to wear a black suit, it feels like a uniform and it pretty much is! So I have decided to look at the high street and see what other options are out there for work wear chic....

Asos have a great selection of clothes that can be worn as workwear and the website even has a whole section dedicated to it.... Here are a few of my fav finds!

Mix and Match (from left to right):

Asos Check Panel Front Pencil Skirt,  Asos Tailored Belted High Waist Mini Skirt, Asos Ponti- Roma Tailored Pencil Dress.

 Asos Tailored City Shorts, Asos Tailored Ruffle Blouse Two in One Pencil Dress, Asos Tailored Flannel Braces Wide Leg Trousers.

Asos Contrast Trim Blouse, Asos Pocket Metallic Court Shoe, Asos Cowl Front Blouse.

For Suits I would go to Next...

Suits (from left to right):

Next Grey Slim Fit Pencil Skirt, Next Grey Slim Leg Trousers, Next Grey Slim Fit Blazer.

Next Luxurious Camel Wool Rich Jacket, Next Luxurious Camel Wool Rich Trousers.

Finally if nothing takes your fancy (suit wise) from Next, the next best place to go (no pun intended ;) ) is Dorothy Perkins:

Dorothy Perkins Grey Herringbone Seamed Blazer, Dorothy Perkins Grey Herringbone Seamed Skirt.

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