Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Miss H Loves.....GOSSIP GIRL

If you have not heard the phrase Gossip Girl being mentioned over the last couple of years then I may have to believe that you have been living under a rock!

Gossip Girl is the hit American show about the dysfunctional lives of rich teenagers living in Manhattan's upper east side in New York City. Not only is this show juicy in the drama's that they show but I also watch it because it is fashion packed.

All the girls in the program have their own statement style that everyone can identify with, whether its Blair and her preppy look, Serena and her bohochic look or Vanessa's quirky, down to eath ethnic look.

I personally do not have a fav out of all the girls but here are a few of their best looks over the season:




If you want some more gossip girl action go to the Asos website where, Vanessa (Jessica Szoh) is their cover girl. Looking great I might add in the latest Asos fashion items... here is the link and some pictures:


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