Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Help! Technology is aiding my obsession!

Shopping obsession that is!

I have an iPhone 4 which means apps galore and recently I've discovered that not only can I shop online a lot easier than I could on my BB but there are app specifically for different shops.

The first one I found is called Shop Style. This app is also a website but it is a great app for when you are on the go. This app is hooked up to lots of different stores and all you need to do is search for what you are looking for. For example type in 'red clutch bag' and hey presto it's bring up every store that stocks them

The next app I have is good ol' Topshop. This app updates you daily on what's new, gives you quicker access to the Topshop blog. But also quicker access to the website. Which now has a mobile site (makes viewing a lot better on a mobile phone). You can't go wrong with this one!

The final fashion app I have is not as good as Shop Style or the Topshop app but for a shopaholic it still gives you that fashion hit. This app is from H&M , where it falls flat for me is the fact that it doesn't show enough clothes. But it redeems it's self by giving you a direct link to it's new website.

So now you can understand how technology is aiding my fashion obsession. Maybe I need rehab....but for now I just need a shopping fix ;)

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