Friday, 5 November 2010

Are Skirts the NEW Trousers?

Today I'm going to look at skirts.... are they really the new trousers? There are many different variations to the skirt so it not hard to find one that suits your style and shape.

But here is my problem with the skirt.... Its not a whole outfit. See with a dress that's it, it covers the top and bottom, but with a skirt you will then have to look for a top to go with it. Don't get me wrong any excuse to shop more, for a top is fine by me, but I think I am just a dress lover at heart.

As for whether they are the new trousers..... hmm I'm not convinced, they still cant beat a good pair of jeans.

Anyhoo, I've had a look around to see if any skirts caught my eye and here is what i found:

From Left to Right:

Asos Cotton Gathered Mini Skirt, Asos Gathered Jersey Wrap Skirt


Miss Selfridge Black Spotted Puffball Skirt, Miss Selfridge Frill Mini Skirt

Miss Selfridge Grey Hitched Bow Skirt, River Island Black 3D Rose Skirt

River Island Black Leather Look Pencil Skirt, River Island Animal Print Skirt (My Fav)

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