Friday, 29 October 2010

The House Party Is Back!

This weekend I planned to go to a friend's house party, but I haven't got a clue on what to wear!

So I have been looking at a few different house party looks...

Should I go the Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas route in the "I got a feeling" video?

Lol meaning, underwear as outer wear?? Throw in a feather bower and I'm ready to go! Hmm somehow I don't think this look is me...unless I was going fancy dress :). I was never a big fan of this trend and never dabbled in it when it was on the high street.

That is when i stumbled upon the 'old skool' house party look... still not the direction I want to go in but fun to look at.

I found the Adidas Originals 'House Party' campaign that they did a little while a go. I'm loving the 80's vibe and old school tracksuits. I might have to invest in one myself ;)

Adidas always do brilliant campaigns that market their brand and clothing very well, making you want to run and buy the items straight away, even if they are not your usual look. 
The way these campaigns are shot,  seem like real life situations but throwing celebrities into the mix, is a clever way of making your clothing desirable to the audience. 

So even though these two looks have not helped me decided on an outfit for Saturday night. I still thought i would share it with you and fingers crossed my house party will be half as exciting as the ones in the " I got a feeling video" and the Adidas Campaign ;).

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